The Department of Telecommunications has launched a new service called TAFCOP (Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management & Consumer Protection) in India. This new portal allows users to identify fraudulent numbers registered in their name.

The service retrieves your name from your service provider and then matches it with documents such as Aadhaar to search for any other numbers registered using the same details. The portal not only allows you to find fraudulent numbers registered in your name, but you can also block them. Once a number is blocked, the fraudulent person must reverify the mobile number by submitting a valid identity card.

How to Check & Report Fraudulent Numbers Registered in Your Name

  1. Visit the TAFCOP portal at
  2. Enter your phone number and the captcha code to verify.
    fraud number check india
  3. The portal will send an OTP to your number. Enter the OTP to log in.
  4. The portal will show all the numbers registered in your name.
    fraud sim check india
  5. If you find any fraudulent numbers, simply click on “Not Required” or “Not My Number.”
  6. That’s it! You have successfully removed any fraudulent SIMs registered in your name.

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