Mi Band is the most popular fitness brand in India and they’re selling tons of units every year. The biggest factor of Mi Band popularity is the value for Money. Under Rs. 2000 you can get a nice fitness band to track your daily activities. To further push down the price, Xiaomi has launched the Mi Band 3i which is trimmed down variant of the Mi Band 3.

Mi Band 3i Battery Life Update After 33 Days since full charge: 18%

Pros of Mi Band 3i

  1. New 0.78 OLED Display
  2. Premium look thanks to OLED Display
  3. Accurate steps and sleep data
  4. Touch panel

Cons of Mi Band 3i

  1. Hard to see in harsh sunlight
  2. Silicon strap looks volatile

Hardware & Design

Design-wise, Mi Band 3i looks and feels exactly like the Mi Band 3 however if you’re coming from Mi Band 2 then you’ll find the dimension of the band is much larger.

Mi Band 3i Review

Mi Band 3i comes with a 0.78″ OLED Monochrome white display with a resolution of 128×80 and comes with a Capacitive touch panel so that you go through the different set of analytic without using the app. However, the silicone strap seems of the same quality as we have seen on Mi Band 2 & Band 3. Silicon strap good and feel good in your hand however removing the main device from the band is a bit difficult, you’ve to press hard to remove it so that you can charge it. The Strap is made of TPU material.

Under the hood, the Mi Band 3i comes with 3 axis accelerometer, Bluetooth 4.2 BLE and 110 mAh Li-Polymer battery. There is no Heart rate sensor or GPS built-in.

Performance, Features & Functionality

Mi Band 3i is now much more than a fitness band, now you can answer or reject the call, Unlock your phone lock screen, App notification, event reminder, phone locator and view message directly. Xiaomi slowly turns the fitness band into the budget smartwatch category.

Mi Band 3i Review

Basic information is visible on the band itself, you can use touch swipe to view the information, from the app you can also customize what information you like to show on the band.

For the full detailed analysis, you’ve to use the Mi Fit app which uses Bluetooth to sync the data, once the data sync you can see the how long you sleep, your steps record and also any alarm or reminder you set on the app will also sync on band and it’ll work even without app. The band can also save the temperature data for 3 days and for the up to date information you’ve to sync every day from the app.

Mi Band 3i Review

For app or call notification, you’ve to always turn on the Bluetooth so that the app can sync with the band to notify you but it’ll further decrease the battery life. For normal activity, the band battery life can last up to 20 Days but if you continuously turn on the Bluetooth on phone, the battery life will decrease to just 7-8 days.


The Mi Smart Band 3i is the perfect package for Rs. 1299. The Band is suited for everyone even kids who are looking to start to track their fitness life. In terms of performance, Mi Band 3i is on par with Mi Band 3 expect the Heart rate sensor which is missing in the Mi Band 3i. OLED is good but it may be difficult to see in direct sunlight otherwise the overall quality is great and the band looks premium in your hand.

Battery Life
Value for Money
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mi-band-3i-reviewThe Mi Smart Band 3i is the perfect package for Rs. 1299. The Band is suited for everyone even kids who are looking to start to track their fitness life.