Classic Android Games

It has been quite a while since smart phones became a common household communication device, and they have since replaced the entertainment that board games used to provide for the occasional slow afternoons. Don’t you miss playing a great game of Chess or Monopoly with your family? If so, it is nice to see that board games have been revived by computers and Smartphones alike. Now, you can find many of those classic games available for your Android device. If it has been a while since you played your favorite board game, you might want to give its digital twin a try!

A Challenging Game of Chess

As most know, Chess is a wonderful game that is used to expand the mind, broaden the strengths of the human brain and pass plenty of time. It requires skill, patience, a great opponent, and careful planning. This amazingly engaging game is easy to find on Android devices. Its success for several hundred years has led it to become just as popular in the technological age. Some devices even have a virtual Chess game installed on them before they leave the manufacturer and are purchased by the end consumer; meaning Chess is just as common on the Android platform. Chess is a very complicated game, but it is definitely entertaining once it is understood by the player.


Monopoly on a Roll

Monopoly is a favorite childhood classic for many people of different ages, from the young to the old. At some point in life, most people have enjoyed a good game of Monopoly. Now, you can play Monopoly online with any time you please. You can even play it on your Android phone, all you need to is just download the Ladbrokes sports app. This game is just like the classic board game; only there is one unique feature that many have come to love. With this version of Monopoly, you can wager real money with your game. If you are a lucky or skillful person, you might just be able to win a decent amount of money while playing a board game that you’ll love.


Simplicity in Checkers

Checkers is such a simple board game, yet everyone loves a fun round of it! It takes only a few minutes to learn, and a few games to master. This has made it an exceptional game for children, especially if they find it hard to pay attention to lengthy rules that many other games have. Of course, this game has been made available on Android as well. While this is a better game to play in person, it is perfect to kill a little time when you need to during the day. It never hurts to indulge in a bit of Checkers every now and then!


Keeping Entertained with Backgammon

Backgammon is not quite as popular as the previous games mentioned, but it is still a very popular board game that you can obtain from your personal computer or handheld device. This complicated cousin of checkers makes for a fun competition with friends, and it is definitely a brain exercise (even if you play it online or on your Android device).



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