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Capturing the market with the best of it, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is simply rocking the Smartphone category. I was quite amazed when I have checked the features of Samsung Galaxy S3 and thought of buying it the same time when it was launched. And after listening the news that this phone is launching soon on T-mobile, I was quite excited to get it with some t-mobile phone card value plan.

So, I started to find out a great deal on T-mobile and also a personalized cases for my new gadget and came to know that market is offering with some cool, unique and trendy cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy S3 at the same time.

Must have Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories

There will be a lot many of these cases that you will have a look upon in the accessory market. But we are here to present you with the best cases and covers that you can shop for. With these you are sure to cast a spell on others. Check them out some great Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases & Covers!

1. Amzer Skin Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

Amzer skin case has been made for the premium and durable silicone to suit your Samsung Galaxy S3. It provides you a firm gripping and absorbs impact at the same time. The USP of this case is that it can be installed and removed very easily.

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2. Union Jack Samsung Galaxy S3 case

As the handset has been credited as the official phone of London 2012 Olympics, there can be no other case that can lend the patriotic touch other than this one. Apart from that, it provides good robust protection to your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.

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3. Belkin EaseFit Plus Armband Case

This case has been specially designed for the fitness freaks as it can be worn around the arm as an armband. For all S3 owners this is a pleasurable cover/case to try with. The other color option is lime green in this case.

Buy Belkin EaseFit case

4. Belkin Grip Weave

Designed to perfection, this slick black case has been laser-etched to get the awesome design. It functions to provide maximum safety to your Galaxy S3. The texture and grip of the case is much satisfactory.

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5. Ultra Slim Leather Vertical pouch

Those who are in love with the slim trend and like to be sophisticated at the same time have this Galaxy S3 case for them as the wise pick. It is a faux leather pouch with genius formation and keeps your Android Smartphone safe and secure with magnetic buckle to its one end.

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6. Samsung Galaxy S3 Pencils Case

Now here is something for users who have an appetite for the art and creativity. The Pencils case looks trendy and ultramodern in its first look. The design is innovative and the case has been made from the materials that are scratch resistant.

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7. Shocksock Neoprene Cover

Providing your S3 with the full body protection, this case is made from soft materials that are easy and nice to your Galaxy Samsung S3 but gives it good safety. It is a good choice to make if you are prioritizing the protection of your Smartphone.

Buy Neoprene cover

8. Black Cool Vent Case

At times when your Galaxy S3’s quadcore processor works overtime; this case will let it breathe with the vents that it have. It has the cuts for cameras and other connection ports on your S3 and is fully customizable to the Smartphone.

Buy cool vent case

9. Flexishield case for Galaxy S3

Made form a combination of silicon and polycarbonate, Flexishield case adds to little of bulk when at the same time it gives your Galaxy S3, the desirable protection. You can get the case in variety of color options.

Buy Fleishield case

10. Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover

You can embrace this official Samsung Galaxy S3 flip cover for your Smartphone. The protection provided by the cover is too good and you can get it in variants like Gold, Blue and White.

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11. Ted Baker ‘Siman’ Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

A case that goes just fine with the traditional-goers; this is Siman Samsung Galaxy S3 Case. The case features tartan design that is traditional and beautiful. An added advantage of this case is that it comes with a lifetime warranty!

Buy siman case

12. Amzer TPU Case with Stand for Samsung Galaxy S3

Truly customized for the Galaxy S3, the Amzer TPU case with stand is too perfect for the users. This case comes with the stand that helps in ideal viewing. The bulk added by this case to your S3 is minimal.

Buy Amzer TPU case

13. The OtterBox Defender Series case

When you have this case for your Samsung Galaxy S3, then there is no need to worry about bumps, scratches, dust and drops. It gives you a three layered protection with full access to the ports of your S3. It’s a nice interactive safeguarding option for sure.

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14. Case-Mate POP! Case with Stand for Samsung Galaxy S3


case mate case for galaxy s3

Case-Mate is known for its best quality cases, and what if the case comes with stand. Case-Mate POP! Case with built-in stand was made from hard shell plastic and rubber sides which protect your phone from unforeseeable drops and falls. With Easy-to-grip rubber side you can easily hold your phone.

Buy POP case with stand

15. Qmadix Snap-On Cover with Holster

Totally impact resistant and providing complete dust and scratch proofing for your Galaxy S3, this is a case that you can’t miss to have. The textured rubber exterior gives you a good firm grip.

Buy Qmadix cover

Yogesh Mankani is a technology blogger from New Jersey who writes on new gadgets, mobile accessories, value plans on t-mobile phone card and latest technology advancements in web world.



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