Xiaomi India has announced the launch of a new version of its popular product Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S in India.

Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S

Xiaomi made numerous updates over its predecessor to improve the product. The biggest improvement is the powerful motor which increased the performance by up to 45.5% and also now comes with a USB Type-C port in order to charge the device.

The product comes with Auto Pressure Check which helps in detecting the pressure of tyre/ball when you connect. It also comes with 5 inflating modes: Free mode, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Car and Ball mode. Each mode ensures that you won’t over-inflate your tyres.

It takes 3 min to inflate a motorcycle tyre and 11 min to inflate a car tyre.

Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compress 1S

  1. Powerful Motor up to 45.5%
  2. USB Type-C Port
  3. 5 Inflation modes
  4. 480g Weight
  5. Built-in LED
  6. SOS Flashing light
  7. Nylon low-temperature nozzle
  8. 0-150 PSI Range
  9. Suitable for Ball/Bicycle/Scooty/Bike/Car


Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S is launched at an introductory price of Rs. 2799 in India