Do you own an Android phone with a 5 to 8 megapixels camera and you are thinking of buying a high end camera? You don’t have to. Apps are now available with the power to transform your Android phone into that high end camera. Looks like the Smartphone revolution will change the face of photography for good. Here are some of the best Android apps that can transform your Android phone into a powerful camera:

Night Camera Android App

Night Camera Android app

The Night Camera Android App combines special exposure mode with post exposure processing software to minimize blur, improving the quality of photos taken in low light. You will need to familiarize yourself with the different settings to match with the prevailing lighting conditions.


Camera 360

Camera 360 Android

This is a heavy duty camera app that may take you some time to get comfortable with. Camera 360 equips your Android phone with the ability to take very good snapshots. The app has many other features, including color-shift, tilt and tap to focus among others which allow you to further customize the image to give the desired results.


Pro HDR Camera

Pro HDR app for Android

The Pro HDR Camera app equips your Android phone camera with the ability to take photographs with a high dynamic range. The app works by combining images taken at different exposures and balancing them out to produce a single shot. The result is a well-balanced image similar to one taken on a sophisticated camera with HDR capability.


Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX Android app

Camera Zoom FX is an Android camera app with sophisticated shooting and editing features. Camera Zoom FX allows you to incorporate props and other subjects in your photos.


Fast Burst Camera

Fast burst camera

Fast Burst Camera is a camera app that allows you to photograph at speeds of up to 30 frames per second. This comes in handy when photographing fast action such as fireworks, sports and small children. The app comes with support for digital zoom, focus, flash and shutter sound, which you can turn on and off and desired.


Photaf Panorama Pro

Photaf Panorama Android

This app equips your Android phone camera with the ability to take panoramic photos. With Photaf Panorama Pro, all you have to do is to align a ghost image of a shot and then take the panoramic shot. With Photaf Panorama Pro, you can take a 360-degree panoramic photo with HD quality.


Wondershare Panorama

Wondershare Panorama Android

This is another panorama photography app similar to Photaf Panorama Pro. With Wondershare Panorama, you can take a simple panoramic picture by pointing, shooting and sweeping your Android phone camera across the photo subject. You can then use several effects to adjust the way the picture looks.



Afterfocus android app

Afterfocus is a camera app that allows you to sharpen your image by blurring out some of the background. Afterfocus is an easy app to work with, requiring only a few onscreen finger swipes.


What Next? Do you still need to buy that high end camera? Chances are that you will check out these apps to see what you can achieve with them. A word of advice: when using some of these camera apps, your battery will discharge much faster. You may need to turn the apps off whenever you are not using them.



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