Samsung Galaxy S2

Many of you managed to get your hands on new Samsung Galaxy S2. The King of Smartphone capable to do many things beyond your imagination. After purchasing, the next step may be to purchase a new set of accessories which increase usability of phone and also increase security of phones. Here I presenting you few accessories you must have for your Galaxy S2:

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Specification and Price

Must have apps for Samsung Galaxy S2


  • Phone Case

Samsung Galaxy S2 is too slim to grab in your hand. To protect your smartphone from future stress, you need to buy tough case for Samsung Galaxy S 2. “Case-Mate Samsung Galaxy S II Tough” Cases provide dual layers of protection.  It features Dual layers of silicone and ABS hard shell plastic which is very lightweight.

samsung galaxy s II phone case

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  • Screen Protector

Nobody want scratches on touch screen. but after few knocks and it end up all prettiness of your screen. Screen protector guards your smartphone against scratches, smears, dust and dirt, and keeps your LCD screen in perfect condition. “GreatShield Ultra Anti-Glare (Matte) Clear Screen Protector Film” provides a full coverage from dust and scratches and also it provide crystal clear visibility and do not interfere with touch screen operation.

samsung galaxy s II screen protector

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  • Car Dock

If you’re traveller and use your mobile a lot while you’re in the car then you must have car dock for your phone. It has many advantage first it keep you safe while you’re driving, you can use your mobile as a GPS device and most important thing no cops will arrest because of your mobile. “Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Vehicle Dock” allow you to enjoy your phone while you’re driving. It comes with USB charger which will keep your battery topped up whilst you’re driving. It’s Official gadget from Samsung so you don’t bother about the quality of the product.

samsung galaxy s II car dock

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  • Battery

If you travel lot or watch a lot of multimedia content on your handset, then may be your battery die before the day ends. as we already know that Android phone battery backup are worst in all smartphones. In that condition you need a spare battery in your pocket so that whenever your phone runs out power, all you need to swap the battery. “Samsung Standard Battery – EB-F1A2GBUCSTD” is the same battery as comes with your phone, so it has same capacity.

samsung galaxy s II battery

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  • Speakers

This accessories is for party lovers, default build-in speakers are not effective. As Smartphone company does invest much in speakers so you need an external speakers which can power your party. “Jawbone JamBox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker” is good option. It has built in battery which can long last till 10 hours, powerful sound which produce 85 decibels, Wireless speaker, built in microphone.

samsung galaxy s II speakers

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  • External Memory

16 GB memory is not enough to store 1080p videos in your phone. Samsung handset has MicroSD card slot to expand phone memory to suit your needs. Check out some memory cards which can increase your phone memory.

samsung galaxy s II memory card

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  1. Your mobile phone can read or write files on USB drive devices through the USB Connector. Exchange documents and backup your phone contents in ease. USB host OTG

    Input: USB
    Weight: 11.5g
    Interface: Micro USB, USB type A
    Specification: USB memory stick access Mobile printing(Samsung) Camera connection
    Compatible: GALAXY S II (only for S II Users) May not work in Galaxy Note.

    Buy Here

  2. I have both docks, car and desktop, and they can only be used if there no case on the phone.
    Cases are bad for sgs2 anyway, all i have tried gives feedback/echo for those i voice-call .
    I only have a misplacement on the googlemap when gps is not active and it finds my position only using 3g

  3. Hi I was just wondering if the phone will fit into the dock whilst it has the case mate cover on it? I have the case mate “barely there” cover but was nervous to buy the car dock for this reason. Cheers Dan.

  4. Has anyone experienced issues with GPS present in S2? Quite often I find it showing my locations some 400m or more far from where I am!!!

    • Ive noticed strange behavior with gps also not to mention long time finding gps signal to begin with, it keeps saying searching for gps

  5. Guys, I got mine on 12-Aug and I just cannot take my eyes off it. If you need any accessories, do let me know: I can scan and get them from my contacts at no extra cost:

  6. Hello Guys … I am a bit keen knowing what all games it can play …. Cause i have grabbed few from android mkt but need games like Fifa with good grafix ..

  7. I don’t use a case for my Samsung because I’m okay with the way the phone feels, and I don’t want to add that much bulk to it. I just like the way the S2 is thin. What I use instead is GadgetShieldz thin, smooth, transparent film around my screen and the back of the S2. It stays on my phone invisibly, thus there is no bulk, or change in my screens visibility.

  8. one more question.. all these accessories take u to mobile fun … uk based.. i wanna buy it in india.. delhi… any help whr i could buy it

  9. hi… jus bought my galaxy s 2 … its an awesome phone.. worth every hard earned penny spent…. i m in love with it.. n my boyfriend is so jealous of my phone.. coz he is neglected now!!!! anyways a leather pouch comes with the phone. its good.. n handy…i installed the back cover.. and screen guard… i jus want the dock and extra battery…. dont think guys jus buy it…. touch is amazing and i watch movies, play games and camera is better than an ordinary 14 mp camera…. go VIVID…

  10. man this is really not fair samsung released micro usb to generic usb adapter with which u can connect pen drive and keyboard mouse etc to ur cell but not in india officially

  11. hey bro,

    need to know how do i get directions while driving (GPS) on my SGS 2..? any configuration req ?
    pls help !

    thanx in advance

    • u dont hav to do anything… jus switch on gps and add locations….. and it will take u there an deven give u directions…

      • correct, load GPS, click on left key , select direction, add destination (source it will pickup your location automatically) that’s all…


  13. Hi Raza Rahil / All

    I have bought new SII but am unable to fetch good quality accessories in delhi….good quality scratch guard / bk covers etc….any info or any website I can order online in india….ebay is not so good also

  14. i eagerly wanted to get the “hdtv (MHL)adapter” but the dealers dont have that, i live in delhi, can anyone tell me from where will i get this adapter for my Galaxy s2 in Delhi

      • Well…it depends on what you do to get it scratched! I have been having the S2 for the last 2 months now and am yet to get a scratch on it despite not taking great care to maintain a smooth screen. The gorilla glass is good enuf as long as you are not thinking of rubbing it on the asphalt!


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