Samsung Galaxy S2

This tutorial is second series of Must have apps for Samsung Galaxy S2. We compile more useful apps for your SGS2.

  1. Lightbox

    Lightbox for Android allow user to snap, enhance & share your photos instantly on Lightbox website & other social service. When you’re in party of some other function you don’t need to organize the photo manually, Lightbox will organize for you. Your photos are automatically organized into a timeline of postcards on User keep them private or selectively share them with friends. If you’re looking for Instagram alternative than Lightbox is best choice. This app work well with SGS2 camera.



  2. Google Music

    Google Music Beta is a new service from Google that gives you instant access to your personal music collection on your SGS2. You can manage your playlist from your desktop and once it completed the music will upload it to clouds from where you can again download it to your device no matter where you’re.


  3. Onavo Lite

    Onavo Lite helps you to control your 3G data and manage your data plan to avoid overages. This app keeps track of which apps are using the most data per month. I recommend you to must install this app in your SGS2 if you’re using costly data plans.


  4. SanDisk Memory

    SanDisk Memory Zone is All in one memory management app which take control of your phone memory, SD card memory and online storage. The app lets you backup/restore data on your phone memory to the SD card or cloud storage.

    You can move files from your phone internal memory to SD card and also allows you to secure them through a password protection feature. The app supports transferring data to/from cloud storage services including Dropbox, Picasa, Google Docs and


  5. SwiftKey Keyboard X

    Bored with your native SGS2 keyboard, try SwiftKey X. SwiftKey X Keyboard is the smartest keyboard on Android, using artificial intelligence to help predict your next word as you type.

  6. Iris

    Iris is Siri alternative for Android that allow user to interact with your mobile via voice. With Iris you can call someone, text someone, search something on web, lookup for a contact. All you need to do is to give command to her in your voice


  7. AirDroid

    AirDroid for Android help users to control and manage their Android device from a web browser over the air. You can use this app as a Tasks manager, Apps manager, File manager and Monitoring your device. You can use AirDroid to send/receive SMS, install/uninstall apps, transfer files b/w Android device and PC, manage contacts, photos, music etc.
    airdroid airdroid

  8. Lapse It for Android

    Lapse it is a free app that allow users to take a snapshot of the video in every couple of seconds, it is best app for capturing amazing time lapse videos with your Android camera. Lapse it creates amazing videos with the pictures that will be captured in regular internals of time. The app also allow you to apply different camera filters in them.

    lapse it lapseit

If you think we have missed some cools apps then let me know by commenting here.


  1. Hey razzil help me bro i have samsung galaxy sII n i cant find in the market GOOGLE MUSIC, btw all ur suggested apps r really useful n very nice.. keep updating bro nice work thnx

  2. Hey razza,

    2 things – which is the best wheather widget for s2
    how to i change the default country location for the android market in s 2

  3. hello Rahil….am planing to buy a new ohone ..initiaaly i wanted to buy i pjone 4s ,but now am not sure….i currently have a smasung wave the first one…which works on BADA OS and obviously..downloading apps has not been great with this phone….after reading lot of reviews on the net,,i phone seems pale in comparison to samsung galaxy terms of no bluetooth,
    please help me choose….
    also let me know whther smasung gs2 has free downloadable apps ???

  4. “battery charged silencer” is a must have app for SGS2 . It silences the extremely annoying notification sound, that often disturbs your sleep, when then battery is fully charged.


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