Windows Phone 7 stock music player visual appearance is best in all Mobile OS. Unfortunately Android user missed such sleek UI music application. Previously I talked about UberMusic which had Metro UI but that was paid app and not good in features. This time I found a pretty decent music player application that you must try right now.

InstaMusic – Zune Style Music player for Android is simple, minimalistic music player enriched with many features. The application is very high in visual appearance and can capable to do all things we would expect a music player to offer.

When you start the app, first word you say ‘Wow’, Swipe left or right to view the music list based on Songs, Albums, artists, genres, playlist arranged under separate tabs. Just tap on music you want to listen. From the now playing option you can play, pause or skip the track. While playing the track, the app fetch artist images and biography from the internet.


You can also access the music player controls from Lockscreen. Lockscreen player display play/pause, next and previous track button, while the artist image cover the whole background.


  • Pretty tab menu.
  • Music player basic functions.
  • Contain functions like shuffle mode and repeat mode.
  • Automatically Fetch artist image from Internet
  • Lockscreen player
  • Player will pause when headphone is unplugged or when calling arrives.
  • Customize the player font and background opacity from settings
  • Instant play: random song will be played when headset button is clicked and InstaMusic is not started.


InstaMusic is compact Zune Style Music player but author don’t want to compare it with a ZUNE HD or ZUNE Player app. The app is freely available in the market and requires Android 2.1 or greater.



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