HTC Wildfire S

Recently HTCdev unlocked Bootloader of HTC Wildfire S. After the bootloader unlocked, you can use popular rooting tool HTC Supertool v3 to root your HTC Wildfire S. Remember to root your HTC Wildfire S either you need either S-OFF device or S-ON device with Unlocked Bootloader. Most of the users have S-OFF HTC Wildfire S. So you’ve to unlock bootloader to root your device. This tutorial help you to Root HTC Wildfire S.

[box type=”warning”] Rooting will void your device warrant or may brick your device. Razzil is not responsible for any damage. Take a full backup of your phone before rooting.[/box]

Step1: First Unlocked Bootloader

Step2: Root your phone

Instructions to Unlock Bootloader of HTC Wildfire S using HTCdev:

  • Go to
  • On the right, chose HTC Wildfire S from the dropdown menu
  • Click Begin Unlock Bootloader, make sure you’re login
  • Agree to all terms and conditions
  • Scroll down to list and choose your phone version
  • Download RUU
  • On your phone, enable USB debugging. (From the Home screen, MENU > Settings > Applications > Development > Check USB debugging)
  • Download HTC Sync
  • Connect your phone to the computer
  • After your computer has found your phone, double click on the RUU to start the process
  • Follow the on screen instructions to finish flashing the RUU on your phone.
  • Remove and reinsert the battery
  • Press Volume Down and Power to start the device into Bootloader mode
  • Use the Volume buttons to select up or down. Highlight Fastboot and press the Power button
  • Click proceed
  • Get these 3 files: adb.exe, AdbWinApi.dll, fastboot.exe ( click here to find instructions )
  • Click proceed
  • open a terminal as it is done on the site
  • Type in Command Prompt: fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  • Copy the identifier token and paste it at the bottom of the page
  • Hit Submit button
  • Get Unlock key from HTCdev by checking your email
  • Dowload attachment
  • Type in terminal: fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
  • Choose Confirm by pressing power
  • Device will be rebooted

Instructions to Root your HTC Wildfire S:

  • Make sure you Unlock your Bootloader
  • Download HTC Supertool v3
  • Open HTC Super tool v3, Press 1 and Enter, zerg rush is now run
  • Press 3 and Enter,now the device will get rooted
  • Congrats your device got rooted


  1. wanna root htc wildfire s but whn i go for Begin Unlock Bootloader i found 3,4 devices listd my device is htc wildfire s a510e not listed thr.
    then whn i tried to download HTC Supertool v3 link not opend :(
    hope u will reply.

  2. hey
    i followed the follwing steps and the phone gt rooted bt i vw gt a stupid question how to check whether a phone is rooted or no coz i am unable to check it

  3. Has anyone confirmed this to work yet? I have the WFS (Marvel) and I was able to unlock Bootloader using google search tips; HOWEVER still stuck with S-ON. Some say that you can only TRULY s-off with the xtc clip… Anyone know better about this? I’m trying to avoid having to pay to have this done. Kind of a design flaw on their part, and the clip is shipped from overseas (I think) and runs about $40-75. Ready to test out my 9 Iron on this phone.

  4. when i put fastboot oem get_identifier_token and press enter it just says waiting for device and does not do anything , can you please help me ?? or someone that  did this already
    greatly appreciate it

  5. on the terminal after I write fastboot oem get_identifier_token , it says waiting for device … and no answer.And yes,I have drivers,Htc sync and tried many times :) Help ! I get rid of this memory is full |-(

    • Be sure that your phone is In fastboot mode …that is …by holding volume key down and power key once….then select fastboot , NOW TRY TO GET TOKEN …

  6. hi,
    thanks for posting the procedure… was very helpful until i unlocked my htc wildfire S with having the S kept on. after that using supertool V3, it says on the app that the phone is rooted, but when i backup the phone, then install rom manager or other root phone based apps, it says a rooted phone is required to carry out the functions.
    so what is it? is my phone not rooted? then what other way could i root the phone?
    expecting a helpful answer….


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