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The Most Innovative features in Android Jelly Bean is Google Now. Google Now gets you the information related to you. It tells you the weather and traffic info before you start your day, train & flight time, favorite team’s score, nearby tourist spot, etc. All of this happens automatically. The cards appear throughout the day at the moment you need them. The more you use it, the better it will become.

Google Now has over 25 different cards and more to come in recent futures. The only problem is that not all cards are available for Indian users, many cards are exclusively to US users only. To sort out the things, I made List of Google Now Cards which are available in India.

[quote_center]Long press home button Opens Google Now[/quote_center]


Google Now Weather Cards

Google Now shows weather for your current location and work (if enabled in the settings). This is pretty useful features as it show the Weather information when you start your day. To get full juice from Weather cards, please turned on location services. And Yes it works very well in India.


Google Now Home cards

Google Now automatically learns your home and workplaces, if not you can set manually from settings. Traffic cards show traffic conditions and alternate routes before you leave for work or home. It also tells the amount of times needed to reach the destinations. Unfortunately Live traffic is available in selected cities only, other users still get the cards but no alternate routes and traffic conditions.


Google Now Birthday Cards

If you’re Google+ friends than this card is very useful for you. It reminds you the friend’s birthday on G+. You can wish directly from the cards. And Yes it also wishes you on your birthday.


Love the Football?? If Yes, Google Now sports cards keep you updated on your favorite teams in real time with live scores and upcoming fixtures.

Good News, Google Now supports Cricket and IPL. You can keep track of runs and wickets during live match.

Research Topic

Google Now Research Topic Cards

Planning for any trip or did any research on Google? The Research Topic cards bring interesting web pages to explore based on the research you’ve already begun.

Nearby attractions

Google Now Cards aNearby Attractions

It’ll show nearby attractions based on your current location. Very useful for travelers.

Nearby photo spots

Google Now Cards Photoshoots

It’ll show nearby photo spots based on your current location.


Google Now will suggest nearby bars, restaurants, places of interest and many others. If you are in a museum or a shop, you can even use your camera to look up artwork or get product information.

As of now, you can’t make a reservation.

Public transit


When you’re near a bus stop or a subway station, Google Now tells you what buses or trains are next. The card works in major cities only.


Google Now stocks Cards

Stocks card will show the real-time information about your favorite stocks in BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). You can also get current rates using voice search. Remember The card only displays the stocks which are listed in Google Finance.


Google Now Movies Card India

Whenever you’re near a theatre, It’ll show ratings and show times of the movies that are running in the theatre. Also You’ll get notification when a movie you’re interested in arrived at theatre’s.

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  1. But I don’t see most of the cards in my mobile (LG optimus L9). I also don’t see an option to add the cards manually. For example – if I search ‘Movies’ in google now it is showing all the movie show times near my location in google search. But how to add it as a card? Any idea?


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