Everyone trying to win the Smart Speaker market, first Amazon launched its Echo line-up in India and now Google comes up with Google Home Smart Speaker in India. For the last 1 month, I’m using the both Google Home & Google Home mini and this is my review based on how I experience the device during these time.

Pros of Google Home & Google Home mini

  1. Stylist & Compact
  2. Impressive & loud sound
  3. Context-aware assistant
  4. Work well with Android Phone, Chromecast & Android TV
  5. Good support of third-party Smart Home devices

Cons of Google Home & Google Home mini

  1. Not all features are available in India
  2. Limited third-party support
  3. Less microphone

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Google Home comes with the minimal design with the plastic part on top and mesh panel covered in fabric on the bottom. Google Home mini also comes with a fabric mesh cover on top which looks very good in your home. The top part has the touch-sensitive panel along with light from which you can control the action and volume. There is also a mute button hidden behind the device. Google Home Review The device also comes with Bluetooth so that you can connect External Speaker with the Google Home.

Installation & First-time setup

Google Home installation is very easy, just plug the device to the power and download the Google Home app on Android or iOS device. In the Google Home app, you’ve to go on Devices section and select the Google Home model. The Setup process asks you to complete some task in order to connect the Google Home with your Google account and Wi-Fi Network. If there is any new firmware then it’ll automatically download and install on the device. The speaker will restart after the update. Now you can ask anything to Google Home device and it’ll process your request by voice.


Google beautifully designed the both Google Home and Home mini. The Cloth texture can easily blend with your home interior, and after a few days, it becomes part of your home. The sound output is pretty loud as compared to Amazon Echo. Both smart home enthusiast and music buff will like the device. Google is the brain behind the both Google Home & Android phones, Indian user will specifically get benefits from being in the same ecosystem. If you’re using the Android phone then Google Home will work much better for you. It remembers your calendar, emails, contact, upcoming flight/train etc. As we know Google read the email to create a card for you, that same information can be used in Google Home. You can ask your flight time or meeting time/location and it’ll tell you the exact information. Google Home Review Google Home also works great with Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, if you have any of these devices then you ask the Google Home to play the music/video on Chromecast connected device and it’ll immediately start playing it. Google Home come with just two microphones, so you’ve to yell it little louder to trigger the Google Home with hot words “Hey Google”. This is bit of problem as in the noisy environment, Google Home refuse to trigger. You’ve to yell it hard to make it listen. You can also pair the Multiple Google Home to broadcast the message to all the rooms, suppose you’ve one device in the kitchen and one in every room then you can broadcast from the kitchen that “Food is ready” and it’ll play in all devices. Also, you can simultaneously play the song in every Home devices so that everyone can enjoy the music from their room.

Google Home for Indian Users

Google Home When it comes to understanding the Indian accent, no one is better than the Google. And Google Home is best in terms of understanding the Indian user accent. Most of the Indian users have the Android phone which again benefits them when they use Google Home. They can use the device to play Music, read the news, check the calendar, find the phone, control smart home, keep track of Cricket scores and answer your General knowledge questions. Soon you’ll be able to do much more like book dinner table, book cars etc. Also, it works great with finding nearby places as Google Map has a lot of information for every Indian city. Google Home is your best bet if you’re looking to invest in Smart Home Ecosystem. With the things likes Android Auto, Android TV, Android phone, Smart Display, Chromecast you can do much more with Google Home.

Google Home as Smart Home

There are many Smart Home Appliance already available in India at a reasonable price. Some popular brands such as Phillips, Oakter, Syska, D-link and tp-link plugs, switch and lights are already compatible with the Google Home. The Integration of these devices are very simple, you can go to Google Home app and search for the brand name in Home Control section and once connected, you can perform the task from the Google Home and it instantly complete the process.


No doubt the Google Home & Google Home Dot is a brilliant device with great design, voice, and functionality. The Smart Home market is still in an early stage but with growing competition with Amazon Echo devices, the more company will launch the Smart Home devices in India. Google Home is an incredible device and goes well with already existing Android devices such as your phone and Chromecast. You can listen to music, news, jokes, ask questions, find nearest places, do mathematical questions etc. And if you’re investing in Smart Home then it must for you to go with Google Home to centrally control all devices.
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