gmailGmail is best email client provided by Big Web Giants Google. Gmail is best choice for user because of its ease of use. But Hackers don’t like the Gmail, they think, it’s easy to compromise the Gmail security.

Gmail have one bug i.e. Gmail Dot ( . ) Bug. You can put dot in username try to login; you can easily gain access to Gmail account.

For e.g.

Username: razzilcom

Password: razzilcom

Now try to login by adding dot in username for e.g.


Username: razz.ilcom

Username: r.azzilcom

[box type=”info”]Your Password remain same.[/box]

All of these will map to same Gmail account event it’s possible to compose a mail with dot and receiver can able to receive it. This is bug or Trick, it’s difficult to observe but Gmail should correct this bug.

What you say about this Dot ( . ) bug, let us know


  1. We ignore periods when checking usernames, so dipesh.008 and dipesh008 are the same. Try a new username.

    So definitely its a feature coz GOOGLE knows about it.

  2. this is not a bug..rather a well known feature of Gmail…a bug is something which poses prob…this rather facilitates in ignoring common typos made by common email user…

  3. buddy thats a FEATURE not a BUG .. its been almost a year since this feature was added to Gmail. This was added just to omit the typos we make while sending the mails.

  4. I had one acc with it, saket.narayan
    And i always wondered why i could login even with placing that “dot” somewhere else too


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