BaconReader for Reddit makes its official debut in the Android Market. It serves up Reddit content on your Android device. The stylish UI makes it easy to read news that published on Reddit. You can read the news, Share with your friends, Reply, vote up etc. When it comes to design, the BaconReader did extremely fine job.



  • Beautiful, intuitive interface
  • Full user profile support
  • Color coded comment threads
  • Easy to use, full featured inbox
  • Rageface and look of disapproval support
  • One-tap access to your favorite subreddits
  • Search for new subreddits based on name or keyword and subscribe to them
  • Submit new links, text or pictures.

Both free and paid version are available in the market. Paid version will cost you $1.99 and it comes without ads. The app compatible with Android 1.6 or greater.

Download from Android Market



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