Axis Bank VISA Debit Card Google Wallet

Update 3: Google Play now allow Indian user to pay via Netbanking. You can now pay for games, apps, books, movies, music from Netbanking. 

Update 2: According to RBI Guidelines, Merchant has to use the 2-way authentication to make payment from Debit Card. Both Google Play & Apple Store need to change their implement to meet the RBI Guidelines. Uber facing the same problem, they resolved it by partnering with PayTM Wallet.

Update: Looks like Debit Card users facing the problem with other International sites like Amazon, Paypal etc.

Since last month, I was facing an issue with my Axis Bank Debit Card (VISA) on Google Play store. Google Wallet rejected my VISA Debit card and after that, I’m not able to add any VISA debit card on Google Wallet. I contacted my bank and  Google Help support.  however, I did not  get a proper response. Yesterday when I tried once again and I got a proper reply from Both Axis Bank & Google Support. Both confirmed that this failure is  due to change in Google Wallet System, Axis bank Visa Debit  card will not work on Google Play store.

Axis Bank said:

We need to inform you that, due to the current change in the Apple store and Google wallets currencies being displayed in INR, we are facing an issue at our backend.

Here is the screenshot of Wallet Support:

Here is the screenshot of Axis Bank debit card support:

It seems it’s not problem with Axis Bank only, many other bank debit cards are also not working. Check the list below which bank debit cards are working and which are not.

Card working with Google Play:

  • ICICI Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra

Cards not working with Google Play:

  • Axis Bank
  • IDBI Bank
  • Bank Of Baroda
  • Karur Vyasa Bank
  • Union Bank of India
  • Federal Bank  (Master Card)
  • SBI Bank
  • Andhra Bank
  • Karnataka Bank


Get International Debit Card or Credit Card from your bank with International usage enable or You can buy the Google Play Gift Card.

This is a big blow for the users (including me) who using Debit Card on Google Play Stores and Apple app store. I hope they’ll resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Let us know whether your Debit card is working or not by commenting below.


  1. Please be aware that digipurse doesn’t work with google play anymore. So do not waste Rs. 500 for creating the account if your intention is to buy from Google play

  2. Hello..Mr. friend ..iam using federal bank international emvchipcard based visa debit card ..iam already activated international transaction àtm .and online purchase ..iam already did some purchase..iam living in Saudi.but Google play store purchase not acceptable why..????what is the solution…pls.. anything have..???which address I give to purchase India or Saudi address.

    • It will work…. did you activate card for international transaction???? if not, just open imobile app, go to card services and activate card for international usage… within 5 to 30 minutes it will get activated. I used silver, paywave and master cards on play store.

  3. I have BOB debit card international usage though it is not accepting and just one error is shown INVALID CARD NUMBER. Even SBI cars not working.

  4. My SBI debit card is not responding with the Google play store. Actually Google play is not accepting my SBI card. Please resolve this issue soon.

  5. Actually I have tried a no of cards but they didn’t work … now my sis is having an international PNB card .. Will it work … please do reply …

  6. Hi, I have an Allahabad Bank visa Intl Debit card and I am also facing the same issue on Google play store and Steam store. Is there any way of resolving this?

  7. First of all thanks to Mr. Gaurav Bhakuni for commenting about Digi Purse from Union Bank Of India. All the people out there who wants to buy apps/games from Google Play legitimately with your name and Indian phone/address. Then just go to google play and install Digi Purse from Union Bank Of India. (Don’t read the reviews it’s all bullshit) Go and sign up, but first you have to transfer 500/- INR through Internet banking/Debit Card/Credit from any Indian Banks to TopUp your Digi Wallet (Only for the first time). Then after this go straight away to and then go to billing and then add your Digipurse (VISA) card number CVV/Expiry, your own real address and phone number. It will accept the details Immediately as I did just now, you will be debited/deducted 1$ US Dollar = 50/- INR from you Digi Purse. And from then on just TopUp your wallet and buy apps/games in Indian Currency. HOOORAAAYY!!! I did it just now, and it worked flawlessly. CHEERS to all.! :-))))

    • Bhai, I did as exactly as you’ve said. But, while adding money to the google wallet it says card is invalid or incorrect which is provided by digi purse app. I am really frustrated with this, tried everything nothing has worked. Is there any solution to this??

        • Raza Rahil Hussain, Bro i am trying to add money to the google play store. I Couldn’t do it from my Canara Visa debit card. So i chose virtual credit card that is digi purse as Arjit Dasgupta said above, and I’ve added money something around 1000 already to digi wallet but i am not able to add that amount to the google wallet. Looks like that amount is wasted, so i don’t want to waste again my hard earned money lol.

  8. Guys who are unable to purchase their beloved apps and games download digipurse from playstore from union bank of india.
    It carries a virtual credit card which can be used internationally.Using the app eversince it came out.but remember for activation of card initial amount should be 500.Handy app !!!!!

  9. For me, HDFC Platinum card is working (after enabling International usage). Union Bank of India EMV VISA debit card also works smoothly. PNB Platinum Card not working even after enabling international transaction. Same is the case with SBI. Despite having EMV Master Card, it doesnot work.
    My Axis bank EMV card is working flawlessly.

    • It will work…. did you activate card for international transaction???? if not, just open imobile app, go to card services and activate card for international usage… within 5 to 30 minutes it will get activated. I used silver, paywave and master cards on play store.

  10. United bank of india debit card and sbi debit card not working either on google play or on apple app store

  11. Hi, Can u tell me if SBI Credit card(VISA Linked) will work on Google Play Store for in app Purchases? I am thinking of taking a credit card from SBI. Please Confirm. Thanks.

  12. I am trying to buy app from Google play store using Deutsche Bank’s VISA card, but its not allowing….

  13. Now some of the entropay users are reporting that their virtual visa cards aren’t working with Google Wallet.

  14. My hdfc debit card is not working on google playstore.. while adding carf details it says invalid card no. My card works finw with other apps like paytm etc.

  15. I just confirmed today… the cards r still not working. I even tried the master card of SBI unfortunately this problem is still there.

  16. I am having citibank Maestro debit card and it does not work on Google play for registering developer account.

  17. can i open google play developer account using entropay virtual card google wallet accepts entropay virtual card or not please give me reply ………………………….

  18. Guys,My entropay Virtual Credit card works with Play Store.Please give it a try.My Canara Bank debit doesnt work.Entropay works successfully with Play Store but doesnt work with the iTunes store

  19. My Citibank debit and credit card and HDFC credit card are all accepted without a problem.

    the only issue i am facing is with my SBI Maestro Debit card. i believe it is because of the Non implementation of 3D Secure Mode Transactions withing the Google network.

  20. Even I’m facing similar problem from past week, but with mastercard. It says “Authentication failed” for even the correct passwords. Be it PNB or SBI accounts, all ae facing this issue. Surprizingly, not only at google wallet, but anywhere, even while topping up at entropay

  21. I Tried using my Bank of baroda gold master card,but was of no use . keep getting a message invalid credit card , then i contacted my bank n they said my card is activated online but still it wasn;t working, so i went to the bank and came to know that from 1st august onward for making any online purchase your debit card needs to have a chip system, which not introduced in india yet.
    I tired my UK debit card transaction went smooth .

  22. My andhrabank visa debit card, sbh debit card, karnataka visa electron debit card also not working with google play store

  23. Trying to purchase Swift Key with Axis Bank visa card but no joy! The card keeps comming up as invalid CC.

    I am so pissed off that such a big company like Axis bank can make it so bad for us!

  24. […] Play never officially supported debit cards for app purchases, but few debit cards like that of ICICI Bank’s do work. But if you’re like me, you’re left out with a debit card which Play store […]

    • hi,I have tried using my icici debit card it says invalid please help me how your card got accepted.And just tell me what your card is eg:Platinum visa or Gold etc.And just please tell me have you requested any thing to be done by ICICI Bank.

      • Yeah my ICICI platinum visa debit card is also not working for Google. Can anyone pls tell which card worked recently and proper details of the card like which bank and was it visa or mastercard?

        Pls help, which card works now??


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