Android in a Car

Google team up with Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai and Nvidia to form the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA). In this Auto industry and Google committed to bring the Android platforms to cars starting in 2014. The OAA is a common platform that will make car technology safe and more intuitive for everyone.

The OAA will help the automakers to bring cutting-edge technology to their drivers, this will also allow developers to create new experiences for drivers and passengers in a safe and scalable way.

How OAA is a brilliant Idea for Both Automakers and Consumers?

Android is used by millions of people in Mobile, Tablet, Smartwatch, TV, Home appliance etc. Automakers can leverage this platform to bring android apps that will work with Car and Drivers. For e.g. Your dashboard may remind you to pick daily needs when your car reaches nearby store or it’ll navigate to you with the help of Google Maps.

With the help of Android, drivers can perform various tasks without disrupting the focus on the road.

The Open Automotive Alliance is open for any Automakers and by the end of this year we can expect first cars with Android integration.


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