Adaptxt Keyboard App – Intelligent keyboard (similar like Swiftkey) add 35 industry-specific dictionaries. Legal professionals can take advantage from this app by saving productive hours that was wasted in manually creating dictionary on their phone.

No other keyboard app in the Android ecosystem provide this facility for business people, most of the app target home users only. This features saves significant amount of time and money.

Why Adaptxt Keyboard app is deal breaker for business people:


  • Adaptxt Keyboard app includes more than 6000 terms from 35 different industries.
  • If a legal professional had to manually enter just 4,000 of those terms over the course of a year’s work, it would require nearly 11.1 hours. That’s assuming each word took 10 seconds not only to type but then to go back and override the stock or app keyboard’s correction, which is based on a general-purpose dictionary.
  • Single app to cover both personal & professional life. You don’t have to change keyboard, single app will correct both your personal and professional keystrokes.


Other than this, Adaptxt also offers 78 language dictionaries, more consumer and enterprise dictionaries will add later this year.

[styled_box title=”KeyPoint’s VP of Marketing, Ronald Brown” class=”sb_blue”]Adaptxt enables law firms, financial institutions and other organizations to maximize employee productivity and minimize potentially costly mistakes due to misspelled words, We believe this is an untapped market opportunity and have the experience and resources to expand our dictionary content starting with the legal industry.[/styled_box]

The Adaptxt Keyboard app is available freely on Google Play Store but for Each industry dictionary you’ve to pay $ 0.9 or ₹ 54. The app requires Android 2.2 or later and it support both phone & tablet. Download the app from below widget.


Adaptxt Keyboard App for Android add Industry Specific Dictionary


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