wifi joiner

Are you fed up by entering long password to connect your device or friend device with Wi-Fi Network? Than here is the easy solution. You just need an Android app “Wifi Joiner” that can add networks to phones by just scanning a QR code. Whenever anybody scans that QR code on their phone, the network you already configured before will automatically be added to their device. No need to type long passwords and you can connect your friends device without exposing your Wife router password.

How to use:

  1. Open WifiJoiner. Press menu button and select create.
  2. Just select an already configured network on your Wi-Fi device in the app WifiJoiner
  3. Enter your Wife password
  4. Tap “Generate QR code

    wifi joiner

  5. You can now share this QR code via the convenient share button.

wifi joiner

How to Join a network at friend’s house:

  1. Scan the QR code they have in WifiJoiner.
  2. Tap Connect.

    wifi joiner

  3. Done. No need to select network and enter password.
Download Wifi Joiner for Android


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