Many blogs have reporting about Oppo is launching its flagship device Find 5 in India. Unfortunately news is fake. Oppo Mobile just confirmed that News is fake and they didn’t launched Find 5 in India.

Find 5 India launch News is FAKE

I warned everyone please don’t buy phone from any site till Oppo Mobile officially confirmed the news. Oppo Mobile also confirmed that AndroidGuruz is not an authorized distributer.

Find 5 India launch News is FAKE

Razzil request Indian users not to buy phone from any site, May be its fake site or you’ll get the product without any warranty.

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  1. Response from Androidguruz: We have still not been given a certificate for India market, however we can sell on our androidguruz website!!! Our arrangement is official approved for online sales in India, will start retail sales in 1 month, tech support and service warranty will be given, please note the prices of oppo are internationally same !!!!


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