Yeelight is the Xiaomi backed company that deals in Smart Home products. The company recently entered the Indian market with an array of lighting experience for a smart home.

Pros of Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip

  • Good Quality strip
  • Works with IFTTT, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
  • Hight brightness
  • Works on Wi-Fi
  • Music Sync
  • Easy to Extend

Cons of Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip

  • Slightly Costy

Hardware & Design

Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus is Smart LIghtstrip that can be controlled with a mobile app, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa & IFTTT. The Lightstrip quality is quite sturdy with the plastic cover on top.

Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus Review

The Lightstrip is 2M long and comes with a Wi-Fi controller and power adapter. The Wi-Fi controller has a button which can use to ON/OFF the lightstrip or reset the lightstrip. Power adapter comes with long wire so that you can use the lightstrip anywhere without worrying about the power plug requirement.

Features & Working

To able to control the lightstrip the from phone or any other voice assistant, you need a Wi-Fi router with the Internet at home. For the first time, you’ve to connect the lightstrip with your existing router using the Yeelight app. Once the setup is done you can now control the lightstip using a phone app or voice assistant.

Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus Review

With the mobile app, you can choose the color, control the brightness, set the predefined scenes or put the light on flow mode which auto change the light color in regular interval. Apart from that, you can put the lightstrip on schedule mode which auto switch ON/OFF light at a given time.

With Voice assistant like Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa, you can change the brightness, change the color & turn off/on the lightstrip.

The Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus produces accurate color with very high lumens as compared to other Chinese lightstrip. You can use the lightstrip decor your home, workstation or on the festival. Put it & forget it, change the color based on your mood.

The only issue with lightstrip is that the length of the standard package is very low only 2M and you can buy additional 1M from the store.


Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus is a great product to decorate your Home with the smart product, the quality is superb, feature rich and the functionality can be expanded by integrating it with IFTTT and Voice assistant like Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa.

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Design & Hardware
Value for Money
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