Havells India has launched a new Smart Ceiling fan with intelligent smart mode. The new fan is unlike we’ve seen anything in Indian market it not just voice integration or on/off feature from the app but it goes beyond that.

Havells fans

The Smart Mode senses the temperature and humidity in the room while adjusting the fan speed based on that. Apart from this, the fan also offers new auto modes like Sleep and Breeze for night comfort and natural breeze effect. Other features include five-level speed control, timer setting and automatic ON and OFF.

The Havells Smart Fan can be controlled using the app or voice-enabled devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. However, with voice assistant you can access limited features such On/off & control speed. The rest of the smart features should be accessible using the Havells apps.

The Carnesia-I comes with multi-user mode- enables access to operate single fan by many users.

Features Havells Carnesia I Smart Fan

  1. Amazon Alexa & Google Home Integration
  2. Sleep mode & Breeze modes
  3. Timer & Schedule
  4. Temp Display
  5. Humidity display
  6. Multiple control using apps


The intelligent fan range comes at an attractive consumer price of approx. Rs 4500.