Google has announced the launch of Nest Mini aka Google Home mini. Google changed the name and now its call Nest Mini.

Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini comes with the same form factor as previous-gen but with a hole at the backside so that you can mount in on the wall. It now comes with improved sound with great bass, clear and natural sound. If you’re listening to music, podcasts and other types of media on Nest Mini, LED lights will light up as your hand gets close to the device, indicating where you can tap to adjust the volume.

Google also added additional Mic to improve the ability to hear in a noisy environment. And Nest Mini will dynamically adjust the volume of the Assistant, news, and podcasts based on any background noise that may be happening at the time. So when the dishwasher is running and you ask for the weather, you’ll hear the Assistant’s response at a louder volume

Google also added Smart Home functionality on to the device so that the next smart home command will process instantly without passing through the internet.


Google Nest Mini cost: $49