Amazon India has announced the launch of a Smart Plug that will work with Alexa. With Smartplug you can turn any appliance into a smart appliance.

Amazon Smart Plug comes with a 3-pin Indian socket design, 6A power rating, and a state retention feature. You’ve to use the Alexa app to set up the Smart Plug for the first time and after that, you’ll be able to control using Echo, Fire TV, or from the app.

Amazon Smart Plug functionality can be further extended using Alexa routines to automate their day-to-day activities. For example, customers can schedule to turn off their night lamp at sunrise and turn on their electric kettle in the kitchen without moving a finger.

The Smart Plug comes with a 6A rating that is suitable for light appliances such as Light, table lamp, fish aquarium, electric kettle, TV, Air Purifier, table fan etc. The Plug does not support heavy appliances such as AC, geysers, water pumps or heaters.


Price of Amazon Smart Plug in India: Rs. 1999